About Us

We are a small consulting company made up of experts with decades of experience in the online marketing & analytics field.

VC2+ = Very Conscious, Very Competent, Very Clever & Very Confident

We are the partner of choice for those companies that want results.

As your outsourced marketing managers, VC2+ specialise in providing online marketing strategies, search marketing, web development and analytics.

Our management team’s combined knowledge of website development, media buying, search engine marketing and analytics spans more than a decade.

How we work with our clients

We welcome high level of engagement with the stakeholders at your company.
We pride ourselves on our ability to tightly integrate and work with stakeholders within your company. This includes being able to communicate with both technical and managerial staff on their terms, with no BS jargon.

A strong focus on your brand and reputation.

We understand and realise the importance and power of your brand. We strive to always work within your branding guidelines and assist in further developing your brands presence online and in search engines.

What our clients can expect from us.

  • Outstanding results and return on investment.
  • Our team becomes a virtual extension of your team, we are on the pulse with day-to-day needs
  • The right advice. With decades of digital marketing experience, you can be sure we will know what we’re talking about. We’ll tell you if we don’t know something – not make it up.

We are consistently monitoring the results and performance of your campaign and in most instances we will notice changes before you.

Some Rules we live by

  1. Commitment to quality service.
  2. Know our products.
  3. Know our clients.
  4. Treat people with courtesy and respect.
  5. Don’t leave clients in limbo.
  6. Always provide what we promise.
  7. Focus on making customers — not on sales.

If you like what you hear, then contact us and let us show you more.